A better Way to Manage Cardiovascular Function


Globally, 62% of strokes and 49% of coronary heart disease are attributable to hypertension, a substantial disease burden4

UP TO 30%

Patients With ResistantHypertension

About 20% to 30% of patients may have resistant hypertension—blood pressure controlled by with the use of more than 3 medications5


More Likely to experience Adverse Cardiovascular Event

Patients with resistant hypertension are almost 50% more likely to experience an adverse cardiovascular event compared with patients with blood pressure controlled by 3 or fewer antihypertensive agents6

Prehypertension represents a large and growing market opportunity.

$370B annual cost of uncontrolled hypertension worldwide1

  • 10% of all global healthcare spending is attributable to high blood pressure4
  • 60% expected increase in the global incidence of hypertension by 20252
  • 1B people currently affected worldwide by hypertension, which will grow to 1.6B people by 20252,3
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