A better Way to Manage Cardiovascular Function

Pressao Medical

Developing the next generation smart wearable, non-invasive neuromodulation device for the treatment of uncontrolled hypertension & prehypertension.


BP-ADJUSTTM will be the first-to-market of its kind and available over-the-counter. We expect this breakthrough technology will be more effective in combination with drugs to treat uncontrolled hypertension & prehypertension. BP-ADJUSTTM delivers localized energy to specific nerves in the wrist as part of the peripheral nervous system, to signal down-regulation of the sympathetic outflow and reduce BP.

who we are

Proven management team & seasoned board members with several successful exits in medical device and technology fields. MEET THE TEAM

when we started

Pressao Medical was incorporated in Delaware in 2018 and has strong intellectual properties covering broad method and techniques for monitoring and treatment of BP

where we are now

Pressao Medical has initial seed funding completed for product development.

Pressao Medical

We are inventor-entrepreneurs and business leaders advancing medical technologies to help people.